Eating meat will be a Past Time

“A human can be healthy without killing animals for food. Therefore if he eats meat he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite.”
Leo Nikolaevich 


 How is it not your fault?  If you are a new vegetarian you are probably feeling very guilty. Stop feeling guilty.

While you were developing in the womb chances are your mother ate meat. If your mother was a meat eater her mother was probably a meat eater too. Eating meat has just been a thing that we do. It is included on the dish with the vegetables and fruit. Beef its whats for dinner! It is everywhere.

I am guilty. My mom ate meat as well as her mom and all the mothers before her. I did not even start to question my diet until I hit my late teens and started experiencing some chronic health issues. My health issues and the health of the world around me really made me question what the impact of my diet was on my body and the environment.

I took out the Gluten four years ago and this year I cut out the dairy. The benefits of removing the Gluten and Dairy have been huge. I have gone from a size 22 down to a size 8 in a matter of two years by simply doing these two simple things. Think about it babies drink milk. What adult mammal drinks milk still? Humans. By drinking milk we are telling our minds to stay in a child like state. Babies drink milk because their intestines and teeth are still developing outside of the womb. If milk was for adults you would pop out of the womb fully grown. That is just my common sense speaking. There are plenty of milk alternatives for you to drink. I will post a section on being milk and gluten free later. That topic deserves a blog of its own.

Lets go back to meat. I have been vegetarian approximately one week. In one week alone I am sleeping better, refreshed, and less stressed. I do not feel a constant heaviness in my mind and body like I used to. The improvements in one week are enough encouragement for me to keep going on this path.

I firmly believe as our world keeps facing the increasing health dilemmas and planetary decline we will see meat become a thing of the past. Our burden of guilt that comes with the damage of eating meat will naturally decline over time

You now have the opportunity to save more animals then you have killed just by eating plants. If that still does not take the burden off your spirit adopt a friend from the humane society or volunteer. A lot of animals need your help and support.

Please join me on this journey of choosing the Vegetarian way. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please feel free to share your experiences, struggles, and questions.


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