Guns and the rant on race wars

What about them? You have to understand a gun is just a stick without bullets. Due to the EPA bullets are no longer going to be made because the only plant that could make them shut down. So guess what all the bullets you will be able to buy for your stick are going to be imported. Are you really going to TRUST imported bullets while we have terrorism going on? Don’t you understand this is a war for your Mind, Body, and Spirit? Look up in the sky the dragon has appeared it is called ISON. Your GUN Is no longer the prime weapon your brain is.  If know about ISON you understand.

Think hard. Your Gun will not protect you when tanks roll down your road will it? No. The tanks will be loaded with weapons much bigger then the ones you can ever access. Why do you waste your money on sticks? The constitution protects the right to own Guns not bullets….see how that works?

Being able to calm down a crowd is much better then being able to shoot up a crowd.

Being able to use education and knowledge is better then force

Being able to share what extra you do have with the understanding it can be replaced is better then shooting someone over it. A life is IRREPLACEABLE a TV and a Diamond are REPLACEABLE.

Being able to come up with FREE ENERGY is better the FIGHTING and KILLING OVER energy resources

Understanding genetics creates peace. If you understand your skin color is not just race its a human species type you can understand that we are all created UNIQUELY. When I say you are a different species is true. I will never be able to out perform a person of a darker skin then me. There are people paler then me that can run faster then me! But they are a different race too! Even white people have separate race types!  I will never be able to do math better then a 16 year old Asian kid and I am twenty something.

There is no point in disliking certain  facts about my own life. However if I need help with a math problem I will call that genius Asian friend. If I need to train for a marathon I will call up my African American friend. If I need to live off the land I will call up a Native American friend. See how it works? If I want to know about the ancient mysteries of the Universe I will call up a Mayan or an Egyptian. It is impossible to know and understand everything. That is why we were separated to begin with. So we could all develop our own strengths and combine them as a race. For the BETTER GOOD!

We are all built differently just like animals based on where we were created.

Race needs to be CELEBRATED not FOUGHT over. Please stop fighting over color. I thought we were over this! Are we really going to let some few thousand people with fat wallets tell us who is better then the other? Come on! If I slice you open and I slice myself open we are going to bleed red. The blood drops will combine on the ground and there will be no difference in color!!!

Race needs to be researched by every race type. We have to understand why we are all different so we can stop fighting and put away the fear. I do not fear nor dislike anyone of any color. I only have an issue if I am threatened.

Can we stop the race war games please?

So give the gun thing a break. Lets bring on the education. If we feel like we have to defend ourselves all the time we cannot grow. If the mind is under stress it cannot flourish! Please focus on other things besides defense.

No I am not saying lets rip all guns away either. If guns are laid down ALL Guns across the Planet must be laid down including large weapons. That way Nobody feels threatened.  Please do not associate me with any kind of political affiliation. I personally like the idea of Peace. To where I can live in a quiet spot in the country, grow my organic garden, hang out with the people I do love, and travel the world without a pass port. Or worrying about a knock out game.

Ask someone why they are mad. Typically there is huge underground issue that causes a war or a simple fight. FIGURE IT OUT!!!!

A great gun alternative is bow and arrow? Why because you have to think before you even point it. It leaves time for negotiation. Guns are great for a primal mind. Also bows and arrows teach patience and aim. I understand threats do exist just be smart!

-Rant done. (by the way this is not a perfect society I do understand that. The world is not a perfect place.) This is the ideal way I believe people should see the world that is all. 


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