Your perfume makes you STINK!

Dear Society,

Please stop wearing the stenches you call perfume. It reaks you know that chemicalized crap the celebrities advertise? Silly one! Don’t you know they get paid to have a photo taken with it? I highly doubt they REALLY wear their own stuff. See the stuff they sell you is loaded with cancer causing chemicals. Are organic cigarettes bad or is it the perfume you breathe in giving you lung cancer? There you go smokers research it for yourself and see if you have a good argument for smoking. It really COULD be the scents people wear that are causing cancer. I do not appreciate going to a store that is inside and having my throat close off and mucus build in my chest because one person is selfish! It literally can KILL! How would you feel if you found that you caused someone to die all because you wore perfume? I would feel horrible.

Also  the smell good deodorant you wear contains ALUMINUM! You put that along your lymph nodes which carry from your arm pit down into your breasts. So every time you load up your lymph nodes are going to absorb aluminum. That brings me to another subject cancer is man made. We create our own toxic filth. The world was created perfectly and our horrible decisions DESTROY INNOCENT LIFE!  I am literally a threat to NO ONE. I have no desire to do harm. So PLEASE STOP doing HARM To me! I am a full organic person and there are only a handful of us who choose to live strict within BILLIONS! Do I deserve to DIE because you want to SMELL GOOD?? How selfish and stupid is our society? I cant even provide my talents in the workforce because of people! No your not stupid as a person you have intelligence because you have a heart soul and brain! Please use them! Do NOT let the Grand Hierarchy control you!!!!!!!! I know some of you reading this are not guilty! So do not feel this is directed at you personally!  If you feel guilty pitch the toxic stuff!

Here is a list of the common ingredients in perfume and what they do! STOP KILLING ALL OF US! Do your research. I am also providing a list of companies that are safe for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! Please be smart!!!!!!!! Thanks. I would love to be able to go outside again!

Why Perfume will Kill YOU and ME and WILDLIFE! 

Safe Options

See you can still be YOU without harming anyone! If you are broke like I am buy a bottle of lavender essential oil and rub it on your pulse points. You can also rub a few drops on your hairbrush before you brush your hair. The lavender will stay to your hair longest.



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