West Des Moines Mayor’s Wife on Iowa Public Radio: “None of these children will ever drive a car or fly an airplane. They just need help for their seizures.”


Meet Steve and Sally Gaer.

Steve Gaer is the Mayor of West Des Moines. Steve and Sally attended last night’s medical cannabis discussion at the downtown Des Moines Public Library (see Channel 5 News coverage of the event here.)

Last Monday, Sally Gaer called into Iowa Public Radio’s River to River program to talk about her daughter’s epilepsy and cannabis. I typed a transcript of the show and put it online here. Here’s what Sally had to say:

Ben Kieffer: Sally in West Des Moines, hi.

Sally Gaer: Hi.

Ben Kieffer: What is your position on medical uses of cannabis?

Sally Gaer: Well, we have not had access to medical cannabis yet, and I am very eager to try it. We have a 23 year old daughter with Dravet Syndrome, a very rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy. And we currently, she’s on, currently, four anti-epileptic seizure meds, has…

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