Listen up!

You are suffering from massive hypnosis. There is a war going on that is unseen. You will ignore me. The prophets and the ancient ones spoke. The new STAR CHILDREN would arrive.

I AM HERE! GUESS WHAT??? WE ARE HERE!!!!! We are here to kick ass!!! We are not here to watch earth be destroyed by YOU idiots.  You have ultimate chances to redeem yourselves. Come on the food is not good! It is tainted! If you eat a bag of Doritos and drink Coke don’t you know that combination causes cancer? How many times have you done that? How many people do you know that have cancer? How many did you lose?

Tell them the food is tainted and the water is poisoned. Pass it on! Get mad! Yell at people! Why do we tolerate this??? Organic should never be a CHOICE! You havent realized that its your RIGHT! Your DIVINE right.

Come on stand up for your DIVINE rights. Quit dieing to support your earthly rights!!!!!!!! It will never do any good! The bloodshed. You are a perfect sacrifice. Oh silly one you had no clue that the world Governments function off of Satanic Sacrifices? The internet is not just for Facebook, Youtube, and Video chat. Learn something!

It starts in the education system. Sports were created to teach children teamwork. To also teach the drive to win and that someone loses. It starts with sports. To create the perfect military. Hey everyone loses and wins in life right? Thats called life. Wake up you NFL watching Dorito munching idiot!!!!!!!

ADD? Its fake. Look around you its the kids with Blue eyes that are diagnosed. There is nothing wrong with your child. Your child hates your evil system. Start listening parents!

I know who you are you stupid reptoids. (demons) You have been given chances for thousands of years. You have been given thousands of lives to figure it out and rise from the being you were born! You have been shown how to do good. However you LET greed and food consume you. Your bellies and your lust. You cant ever stop feeding can you? You feed off of the beauty of men and women. You stupid blood energy sucking idiot!

WAKE UP TO WHO YOU ARE. STOP supporting the Satanic Organizations!!!!!!!!



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