I hate stupidity like this….


This is the worst way possible Americans can be represented. First off comparing Santa Claus with Jesus?? Are you fracking kidding me?

Like the troops need to hear about mommas warm cooking when they will get nothing but a GMO filled Christmas dinner. So much like home cooking huh???

That is if they get a meal…Last I heard they do not receive proper food in the Middle East anymore…

However America will literally cream themselves with their Creamy egg nog over this stupidity. Saying GO AMERICA! Look at this! This is amazing we support the troops. Duck Dynasty if you do read this do something smarter then this. Invite a homeless veteran to live in your home that is missing a leg. That is called doing something good. This is not. Oh by the way I know of a few vets that need help in life. I understand you have a house bigger then what you need……Stupid People!!!!!!
I wonder how much this performance costed you and me???


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