Hes into that?? Hes got to be gay!

I am tired of seeing the men of society getting this outrageous gay label for being feminine. I am tired of seeing females labeled as lesbians for being masculine. Men your body creates estrogen along with testosterone. Ladies your body creates testosterone along with estrogen. This means everyone has both a male and a female aspect to them. 

So why do we jump so quickly to throw on a gay or a lesbian label onto someone? By making fun of someones male or female traits we are setting them up for relationship failure. I wonder how many men hide their beautiful female aspects to avoid being labeled? I wonder how many females hide back their male aspects? By limiting a person to gender roles we are limiting that person’s true being and soul. In a sense that one joke could be robbing that person of who he or she really is. Especially when raising young children. 

As a society we need to encourage both males and females to embrace their masculine and feminine sides. You are not gay if you love cooking, healing instead of killing, art instead of destruction, and whatever else it is that you do that others think is weird! Ladies you are not lesbian if you love to play sports, be out in the garage instead of the kitchen, and you like to grow the food instead of cook it. 

Please stop labeling each other.  Quit joking about it!  Deep down when you make that joke your friend could be thinking well he is right I might like men. Or yep so many have joked maybe I should think about dating another girl for a bit. Just to see if I am lesbian. 

You have to embrace yourself no matter who you are. When you do look for that special someone you will find someone who will mirror you. Please do not jump on the I am gay or I am lesbian band wagon to avoid your male or female aspects.

You are you! Nobody can define you based off of what you are good at. Do not limit yourself due to others opinions about gender roles. 




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