Raise that Weapon!

I am so sick of military propaganda! It starts with sports. A few months ago I was in an antique store I picked up a book from the mid 1800’s about how important it was for the schools to incorporate baseball into recess.

According to this book sports teach teamwork that every young boy must learn. Unlike today boys as young as 12 were fighting when our nation was first forming.

This is best achieved through sports so that you learn to fight, win, and lose as a team. Although it is preached to children now winning is the ultimate goal because if you lose you are costing someone money…..As a result we are a world filled with people who do not understand the value in losing something.

WAIT A SECOND!!!! Fast forward 150 years later and what do we have? A manual that equaled fighting perfection!

Unfortunately I did not have this blog idea in mind when I was at that antique store and did not write down the name of the book. I am sure if you do some searching on your own through the internet you can find more information regarding the early history of sports and war. The next time I am at that store I will see if they have that book and write down the title.

This is why I hate sports

So keep screaming at the TV’s. War only matters when its YOUR son or daughter, husband, nephew, niece, uncle, aunt, mother or father DEAD due to someone elses weapon!

At that point will you finally realize that war is never good for either side? That building drones and robots to kill is not okay? That our weapons systems are honestly stupid! It would be great if one of the geniuses building these drones took their ideas and applied them to saving the world. Saving the world involves losing money oh no we cant have that. We cannot lose money.

Okay so for the price of gold your close friend or family member was killed…..sounds familiar right? About 2,000 years ago Jesus was bought off for a few Golden Coins. I do not think we have mentally advanced. In fact its the same problems with bigger weapons.

Please keep me out of your bullshit I step out. It is no longer fun when the drones are flying over your house dropping missles on your neighbors…is it?????

Maybe you wont get it until you yourself are dead! Then it is to late.

I changed my mind. I did a little Googling FOR you. However do your own research. This is straight from the Army of New Zealand and I quote

“Sport develops the desire to win, a competitive edge. It instils mental and physical will and confidence to go out and play-hard.

The aspect of teamwork essential in sport and rugby, equates to military teamwork on operations”



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