I WANT what You have got…

I grew up in a family that supported farming at all costs. I hate to say it I supported it. I raised 50 broilers every year for an FFA project. No they were not even organic. I did not know about the dangers of GMOS at 17. I was to busy eating school lunches. The main grocery store, Walmart, was half an hour away. I was 17 back in 2003…..you do the math. My life was topped off with a Catholic up bringing. You know how it is. Humans were created more intelligent then other animals we were created to live with them and eat of them….wait! I never read wear Jesus went hunting with his disciples and speared a 20 point buck….


He also did not like dictatorships and genocide. I believe holding any species against their will is considered torture and a type of dictatorship is it not? Or are we calling it cullinuziation and demonocrazy?
You know the rights to cullinize and eat things that carry blood and create mad cow disease in humans making them demon like these days? Where have I seen that show before………….

Are you a baby? No. I do not believe you are because you are reading this. If you are then you are amazing smart! Did you time travel? Are you from a different galaxy?….wait…no…

Milk is for BABY mammals. You are a mammal and since you did not time travel as an infant (unless you did then please comment here I want to speak with you you genius baby you! ) You do not have the divine RIGHT to drink milk because you do not NEED it.

Unless you are an infant……………

Oh you still want milk? Oh well I guess you need to visit the diaper section too. Make sure you pick up a bottle so you can drink it just like a baby calf does WITHOUT its mother! That way you can see what it feels like to be all alone sitting in a diaper…sipping out of a bottle…sitting in your own poop. Because that is what cows do in the factory pens…they get to sit and fall into their own poop. We call that neglect when that happens in the nursing home. Cows have skin too.


FOX News Shockingly reports the Dangers of GMOS

The mainstream media is finally asking the tough questions and speaking out about the dangers of GMO food.

It is about time people start asking where the food comes from.

Your eating this in ice cream?

Your eating this in ice cream?

Castoreum: (Castoreum Pods/Glands)

Available in 3 Grades:

Grade 1:Large Sizes,Fully Dried,Full of Castoreum

Grade 2:Medium Sizes,Dried,Full of Castoreum

Grade 3:Small sizes/Shells,Full dried,

Packing:Moisture resistant Barrel/Cartoons

Contact for Pricing

This is what they use to make the natural vanilla flavoring found in many different dairy and snack products. Be careful of what you are eating. This is the link to the official laboratory. http://www.castoreum.com/index-2.html
 You can even place your own order!! Trust me it is not rude to pass on the majority of the Holiday meals! Can you still eat normally? Or will you eat Organic now?

For the Greater Good of Society

I have blogged all week long about the horrors going on under our noses in society. Now it is time to share with you some of the good. Going through these videos definitely gave me some hope for the world as well as gave me some ideas of what I can do in my community.  Please take this week to do good. We need a world filled with pure love not pure hate. The most important thing we can do is let each other know they matter to not only you but society. 

 100 acts of Kindness

This Will Change the World

I want to see who you are..please remove your make up and masks

More Love….