The meat is too good huh??

One of the largest reasons people Refuse to give up meat is I LOVE It to much!

Do you LOVE surgery too? Do you love drinking a funky liquid and having a camera put up your bum and having your doctor meet your little pets? Wow that will make that docs day. “So are you sure you only have 2 dogs and one cat?” “Yes doc why do you ask?” ” Well apparently your entire life you have been colonizing more pets then you can handle. ”

This is what happens when people hoard their pets. Please stop the worm hoarding and become vegan. No this is definitely not your mother’s spaghetti…however if she tops it with the meatballs you may want to stop eating it.

Thank you!!! The ONLY way to kill parasites is to give up meat!


Your eating this in ice cream?

Your eating this in ice cream?

Castoreum: (Castoreum Pods/Glands)

Available in 3 Grades:

Grade 1:Large Sizes,Fully Dried,Full of Castoreum

Grade 2:Medium Sizes,Dried,Full of Castoreum

Grade 3:Small sizes/Shells,Full dried,

Packing:Moisture resistant Barrel/Cartoons

Contact for Pricing

This is what they use to make the natural vanilla flavoring found in many different dairy and snack products. Be careful of what you are eating. This is the link to the official laboratory.
 You can even place your own order!! Trust me it is not rude to pass on the majority of the Holiday meals! Can you still eat normally? Or will you eat Organic now?

I hate stupidity like this….

This is the worst way possible Americans can be represented. First off comparing Santa Claus with Jesus?? Are you fracking kidding me?

Like the troops need to hear about mommas warm cooking when they will get nothing but a GMO filled Christmas dinner. So much like home cooking huh???

That is if they get a meal…Last I heard they do not receive proper food in the Middle East anymore…

However America will literally cream themselves with their Creamy egg nog over this stupidity. Saying GO AMERICA! Look at this! This is amazing we support the troops. Duck Dynasty if you do read this do something smarter then this. Invite a homeless veteran to live in your home that is missing a leg. That is called doing something good. This is not. Oh by the way I know of a few vets that need help in life. I understand you have a house bigger then what you need……Stupid People!!!!!!
I wonder how much this performance costed you and me???

Everything wrong with Santa

“Why is Santa an anagram for Satan? I mean, besides the fact that both have the same amounts of the same letters. Just consider the many other similarities between the two figures: both of them are red, both of them like to laugh, both of them give presents to children and both of them are kings of an ungodly underworld of unspeakable horror and suffering. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.” 
― Sam Logan

  • Santa is one of the first Lies we tell our Children
  1. Which creates false faith
  2. A belief in a false miracle
  3. A belief in false happiness
  • Santa Creates Greed
  1. Leads to Materialism
  2. Teaches toys are replaceable
  3. Teaches one must have the latest thing
  • Needless Spending
  1. Adults go in debt over the Santa concept
  2. If Santa can do anything that means I have to buy that gift. I do not want to let down my child. Santa can never let down a child. That would be lying to your child about the original lie. We cannot have the child question why Santa could not provide.
  3. Adults work overtime which leads to a loss of valuable family time just to pay for the gifts that were started by a Lie
  • We buy things our children do not need
  1. Toy cars, planes, trucks
  2. Electronics galore (a five year old does not need a cell phone!)
  3. The latest style of clothes (You know those shoes are only going to last six months. Why not buy high quality shoes without the label?)
  • Santa Never Stops
  1. Adults buy into this crap
  2. We allow our children to sit on a STRANGERS lap
  3. We allow our children to sit on the lap anyway even if they are scared (another reason why that child lost trust in you!)
  4. We buy Santa decorations
  5. We spend millions of dollars on his face
  6. Santa is a Trademark of both Coke and Macy’s
  7. Which encourages horrible food habits and needless spending

This year stop the lie please!  Tell your children that we give gifts as a way to share with one another. If you are Christian you can include the Jesus story as well. If you are a different religion try to incorporate it in a way that your child can understand giving in the right context. For example:  The three wise men brought baby Jesus gifts because the world was happy he was here. Every year we give gifts to show someone that we do care and we are happy they are here and that everyone is cared about.

Teach your children gifts come from the heart and not the store. There are thousands of craft ideas and projects to create gifts at home that children can be involved in. They do not need to go to the local Waldrug and buy stuff made in China for their family.