Why do I blog?

After a few years of trying to expose corruption over Facebook, phone, and email I decided it was pointless. I figured maybe if I took the random information that I do question and show it to the outside world maybe I could get some new thoughts going as well as ideas to make a positive change in society.

You will see some pretty crazy stuff on here such as reptilians and how the mainstream media is satanic.  Dark energy is just as real as positive energy. Your savior (whoever it is) cannot intervene with free will. Nobody is going to come down here and say you CANNOT do this. I really wish I could take world power yank the mainstream out of society and bring out the artists who really do have a genuine message. That would be called a dictatorship and nobody likes intrusion. People create dark energy just like they create positive energy through actions.  Another reason I am writing this. I do not want to be in anyone’s face about how they should or should not live their lives. 

I want people to ask the following questions:

1. What if the people we call celebrities are really sexual slaves to presidents and dictators across the world? What if they do not get a choice in the lyrical content or the videos they put out? What if they feel used however they are to afraid to speak out because they fear their extended family will be murdered? Or themselves? Fear is the best control tactic. 

2. What if the Government is using the NSA to hold you accountable for both current and future crimes that you MAY commit later? 

3. Are horrible acts being commited in the name of God or Allah across the globe just to use religion as justification for political gain? This was done back in the Medieval Period. What if its all the same wars repeated? Just with bigger weapons?

4. What if the people leading the world see you as a useless eater as Prince Phillip called us? What if that is really how they view you. Someone who will do the dirty work for very little cost. 

5. What if Flouride really does calcify your pineal Gland? What if GMOS cause it to shrivel? DMT is considered illegal and it is produced by the Pineal gland. Put two and two together. Do you notice yourself being distanced from your spiritual self? If so you need to pay attention to what you eat and drink.

6. What happens if it really is the combination of Doritos and Coca Cola giving us cancer?

7. What if our DNA is being switched and our brain function is being altered through food and injections? 

8. What if Reptilians are another word for demons? What if there are people that really do sacrifice children and eat people? 

Is there harm to you in asking questions? No. It does not change who you are to seek answers. It shows that you have a brain that you think with. Your thoughts should not be dictated by what others think is cool. Living your life just to make people happy or to impress others will never get you very far. That is why I do not care really about how people personally view me. A view will not stop happiness, improve my health, or bring me wealth. It certainly will not bring Spiritual and personal growth. It is better to be hated for who you are. Then be loved based off of only what THEY like about you. 
I learned this lesson the hard way with years and years of being bullied. It really does not matter if you put on the make up and your clothes look great. To someone else you are going to look stupid, silly, and ignorant. So just be you. If you believe that mainstream society is alright and you are cool following it then you follow it to the core! However if you want a different life and you really want to understand what freedom is and what true happiness is then please keep asking the tough questions. It does not matter what others think or how the feel. You were never going to impress them anyway.