The meat is too good huh??

One of the largest reasons people Refuse to give up meat is I LOVE It to much!

Do you LOVE surgery too? Do you love drinking a funky liquid and having a camera put up your bum and having your doctor meet your little pets? Wow that will make that docs day. “So are you sure you only have 2 dogs and one cat?” “Yes doc why do you ask?” ” Well apparently your entire life you have been colonizing more pets then you can handle. ”

This is what happens when people hoard their pets. Please stop the worm hoarding and become vegan. No this is definitely not your mother’s spaghetti…however if she tops it with the meatballs you may want to stop eating it.

Thank you!!! The ONLY way to kill parasites is to give up meat!


For the Greater Good of Society

I have blogged all week long about the horrors going on under our noses in society. Now it is time to share with you some of the good. Going through these videos definitely gave me some hope for the world as well as gave me some ideas of what I can do in my community.  Please take this week to do good. We need a world filled with pure love not pure hate. The most important thing we can do is let each other know they matter to not only you but society. 

 100 acts of Kindness

This Will Change the World

I want to see who you are..please remove your make up and masks

More Love….


Hes into that?? Hes got to be gay!

I am tired of seeing the men of society getting this outrageous gay label for being feminine. I am tired of seeing females labeled as lesbians for being masculine. Men your body creates estrogen along with testosterone. Ladies your body creates testosterone along with estrogen. This means everyone has both a male and a female aspect to them. 

So why do we jump so quickly to throw on a gay or a lesbian label onto someone? By making fun of someones male or female traits we are setting them up for relationship failure. I wonder how many men hide their beautiful female aspects to avoid being labeled? I wonder how many females hide back their male aspects? By limiting a person to gender roles we are limiting that person’s true being and soul. In a sense that one joke could be robbing that person of who he or she really is. Especially when raising young children. 

As a society we need to encourage both males and females to embrace their masculine and feminine sides. You are not gay if you love cooking, healing instead of killing, art instead of destruction, and whatever else it is that you do that others think is weird! Ladies you are not lesbian if you love to play sports, be out in the garage instead of the kitchen, and you like to grow the food instead of cook it. 

Please stop labeling each other.  Quit joking about it!  Deep down when you make that joke your friend could be thinking well he is right I might like men. Or yep so many have joked maybe I should think about dating another girl for a bit. Just to see if I am lesbian. 

You have to embrace yourself no matter who you are. When you do look for that special someone you will find someone who will mirror you. Please do not jump on the I am gay or I am lesbian band wagon to avoid your male or female aspects.

You are you! Nobody can define you based off of what you are good at. Do not limit yourself due to others opinions about gender roles. 



What defines you

Your job is not to make anyone happy. Your job is to make you happy. Those who taught you were here before you. Chances are they will pass on before your time is done. If you spend your entire life impressing them who will be happy for you then after they are gone?  Will you even be happy with yourself? Or did you just live out your life for them? -ME



Insanity it is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Look at the generations above you. We have done things the same way over and over again.  Your children still stay locked up in buildings “learning” and “preparing” for the new world.  How can you learn and prepare for the adult world by staying separate from it? After 7 hours of being locked up in classrooms you would come home and do homework, sporting events, chores, maybe hang out with a friend and go to bed. Then restart. See our lives are scheduled for us before we even have the choices to schedule our own! How fair is that? Its not. That brings a whole new light to the term family planning.  When you graduate from high school you go to college if you are lucky, get a job, and maybe have kids with a lifetime partner. I mean that when I say you are lucky if you find someone that will be there for your entire life. Then you retire with the possibility of then traveling however you will be on so many medications from being a part of the system you will simply sleep and die. Working hard to obtain what the Kardashian family has is hard work.


Your life is not the one other people have dictated from you. Your life is yours. Do not let time steal it. If you have a crazy insane dream do it. There is no such thing as failure. I repeat there is NO such thing as failure. As long as you are learning you are not failing. Lets say you drop the last of your funds into a dream. Your dream plans fail. If they did not fail would you have met the new people on that journey? Traveled to where you traveled? What are the benefits of the failure? Start creating a failure plan with a future plan! What are the long term benefits if it does not go the way I expect? 


I am taking a break with insanity. I am taking off a year from the mainstream existence of society to simply live.  I have so much free time right now I do not even know what to do with it! With that free time I have came up with an ideas I never would have dreamed of if I kept doing what I was told to do. I have spent so many hours learning, reading, and working out. I have dropped 90 pounds so far and I have such a greater understanding of life. 


I tried doing the planning that I was taught to do by my parents, teachers, and community. It failed. Now that I am in my mid twenties it is time to redefine my life. I have came to terms with the idea that somethings are simply not going to happen.